Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Meri® Navigation Meri® Map
Meri® is a registered trademark of SAN Metropolitan PLC, a Company incorporated under Ethiopian law and located at the following physical address. Yeka Sub City, Woreda 11, Ethiopian Economic Association Building 4th floor office 4-06, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This Privacy Policy applies to all Meri applications i.e. Meri Navigation, Meri Map and clearly describes what personal information we collect, why we collect, how we store and how to delete the information. At SAN Metropolitan, our users’ privacy is one of our primary concerns. Hence, we use any personal data we collect from our users in the most responsible manner and in accordance with data protection laws. It is our strong belief that personal information should be collected, processed, or stored only with the consent of the individual who provides such information and should be done so only to an extent the process requires and not beyond that. We care for the personal information our users provide to us.
What personal information do we collect?

Meri may collect some or all of the following private information from users. These are

• Language preference

• Username (which could or could not be actual name or surname of the user)

• Email

• Mobile number

• Password

• Location


Why do we collect personal information?
Language preference is collected for ease of communication and to enable the user to get the best out of the service we provide by using the language of her/his choice. Username is collected to identify a specific user and is created by the user· Email and mobile numbers are collected to send One Time Password (OTP) for verification upon registration and for resetting the user password. Either of the two (not both) are provided by the user. In addition, we use this data to directly communicate with the user in case such communication is required. Passwords are created and stored to enable the user to smoothly login to service and to prevent others from accessing the user’s account. Passwords are created by and reset upon request of users. Location (current) is determined by GPS and GPS related sensors built in the device used by the user. Our system determines current location using the above system. The app uses location to plan routes to desired destination and/or to search nearest points of interest (POI). No other location information is gathered. Meri doesn’t collect location data in the background i.e. while not in use. The location identified by Meri is used on that same device only and is not sent back to our app backend server. Moreover, as our applications are developed for offline use, any location info saved on the device will be deleted upon uninstalling the application and could not be recovered. IMEI of mobile device is recorded to ensure the application installed is sued by the subscriber only. In case the subscriber changes his/her mobile device, we use the IMEI to notify the user that we have detected change in device and to notify that the subscriber will be able to continue using the application but that s/he will no more be able to use on the old device.
Transfer and disclosure of personal information
The personal information collected by SAN Metropolitan is used for exclusive use for Meri and are not shared with individuals, organizations, or companies. However, SAN Metropolitan upon request may disclose such personal information to law enforcement agencies when, if and to extent required when such requests are made for legal process upon formal written request of such agencies.
Personal information protection, storage, and removal
We make maximum effort to protect personal information and use all possible techniques to ensure that. Personal information collected will be stored for a certain period depending on the type of information. However, we retain financial record data minimum up to the period required by law. User may request to delete personal information and SAN Metropolitan will do so within one month after receipt of such request from the user. This, however, doesn’t apply to financial record data as the storage is regulated by law.
Changes to our policy
SAN Metropolitan can update this policy anytime we think it is appropriate to do so. Whenever such updates are made, the updated version along with the date of update will appear on this page.
In case of any issue related to our privacy policy, we kindly request you to contact us using our email We will try to deal with your enquiry in the shortest possible time but not exceeding 15 days.